Park City panel, years into Treasure talks, intends to endorse buyout

The Park City Planning Commission, the City Hall panel that has spent more than a decade in start-and-stop discussions about the Treasure development proposal, on Wednesday is expected to endorse a statement supporting the idea of the municipal government acquiring the acreage in a conservation agreement.

Planning Commission rosters over the years have struggled with the Treasure proposal, spending extensive time on issues such as the traffic the project would be expected to generate, the square footage of Treasure and the designs.

It appeared the Planning Commission was preparing to cast a ‘Nay’ vote toward the end of 2017. Park City’s elected officials instead negotiated a partial acquisition of the development rights attached to the land for $30 million followed by talks that resulted in a $64 million deal to acquire the acreage and 100 percent of the development rights. The deal would depend on Park City voters passing a ballot measure in November funding most of the cost.

The Planning Commission only occasionally makes a statement, drafted as a resolution, like the one that will be considered on Wednesday. Planning Commissioners far more frequently are tasked with making decisions about growth and development matters.

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