STOP Treasure Hill! Get involved, voice your concerns, and donate today! Think about why you love living in this town and help preserve it. Donate today at the link below to help fund our defense of Treasure Hill:

Park City, Utah is under attack from the threat of a monstrous 1.1 million square foot development project in the heart of Historic Old Town. The Sweeney’s Treasure Hill project is nearly 3 times larger than what was approved back in 1986.


Say no to 1,100,000 sq. ft. of total development (nearly the size of 10 super walmarts).

Say no to 250,000 sq. ft. of underground parking.

Say no to 100’ high excavation scars that will be visible all over town.

Say no to extensive blasting and dynamite that will be needed if approved.

Say no to the largest convention center space in all of park city and summit county.

Say no to 13 buildings including many high rise towers some as much as 10 stories high.

Say no to increased traffic and dangerous conditions on our narrow old town streets.

Say no to the destruction of trees and vital wildlife habitat.

Say no to 10 years or more of construction.

Say no to 300 heavy trucks per day on existing streets of park city’s residential historic district.

Say no to the destruction of park city’s landmark Treasure Hill.  

THINC PC is a 501c(3) non-profit organization comprised of hundreds of community members in response to the threat of the development of Treasure Hill.  THINC has hired an attorney (Charles Stormont) to help us preserve the landmark Treasure Hill.  This costs money and we need your help!

THINC PC’s collective mission is to raise public awareness and to help initiate action in order to preserve and protect Park City’s Historic Old Town. We believe that development and growth can be done responsibly without harmful impact on Park City’s existing community or natural environment.

You can also send your donations to:

PO Box 614
Park City, UT 84060
You can also contact us at

3 responses to “Donate

  1. Parity can also result when the top teams aren’t really that good. See the NFL as a reference. I could just imagine Jim Boeheim saying “we just barely beat Seton Hall, we must be really be lousy this ye;or&#8221aF.r those who hail last year as the league’s best, go check out 1985 – and that was only the zenith of several years that may have topped last year.

  2. thincpc

    Hi again.

    Not sure if you got my previous email. So far we have raised enough money to run a couple of ads. I really haven’t reach out to the entire group though.

    We have an opportunity to hire a serious attorney who would be great and is well qualified but would require some serious funds.

    Let me know if you are interested or have any thoughts.


  3. J. Benear

    how much money do you have now. Brian could you email me

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