A great way for your voice to be heard is to write directly to the city planning department, planning commissioners, your local city council members, the mayor, and the Park Record.  You can find all this contact information for these groups below and in the Links Section in the right hand column and under the “Letters to the City and Planning Commission” and “Letters to the Park Record” sections.

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City Planning Contact Information

Bruce Erickson – Acting Planning Director

Phone  (435) 615-5008, Fax (435) 615-4906

Mayor and City Council Contact Information

Jack Thomas– Mayor

Andy Beerman

Becca Gerber

Tim Henney

Cindy Matsumoto

Nann Worel

Treasure Hill Developer Contact Information

You can also express your feelings about this project directly to the Sweeneys at:



This page also contains links to sample letters which have already been submitted to the city and/or appeared in the Park Record concerning Treasure Hill.  Thanks to those who have taken the time to write.  These letters can be viewed in the above mentioned sections.  I hope they provide some thoughts and ideas for additional letters.

One letter that was submitted by George Goodman but not printed by the Park Record is below.  He raises some great points about what it’s like as an Old Town resident trying to raise a family.

To The Editor,

I would like to ask that you show on the front page with a cover story the real renderings of the Treasure Hill project that have been provided by THINC.

The scale of this project is massive!

It is owed to the year round residents of Old Town that you show how big this project truly is.  I want the public to be able to ask themselves: can Old Town streets really handle a project of this size?  Is it fair for the residents of Old Town to have a convention center in their backyard?  These are just two among many questions concerning the legality and safety of this project in Old Town.

Another of which should be how financially sound are the developers in the current economy?  Is this project going to end up like the one in Sugarhouse in Salt Lake?  At which currently sits an empty construction hole in what once was a vibrant block of local businesses!

Imagine this: they begin the construction, tear up the side of the hill, the economy continues to deteriorate (as all economists are saying, with unemployment rising above 10%!), lending sources continue to dry up and the project stalls or goes completely belly up.  What was once a beautiful hillside with mountain biking, hiking, skiing and some of the best views of Old town when you are on a walk is completely destroyed and left as just a construction hole.  Is that what the people of Park City really want!!  Is that what they want to see when they are on their way into town or look up from Main Street towards the mountain?

Now is the time to call attention to this project and see if the land parcel could potentially be traded or purchased as open space.  Or, frankly, completely shut down since the conditional use permit was issued over 20 years ago!!!

I hope that as the community paper you show these pictures to the people of Park City so they can see what is trying to be built in Old Town, which is the last remaining part of the “ski town” that still exists in Park City.

Many people in this community have lived in Old Town at one time or another and hold it close to their hearts.  This will destroy Old Town as we know it and many remember it!

I invite you to come to our street, lower Norfolk Avenue, and meet the families living here.  I think that this would be a very important part of the article so that people can see that Old Town is not just filled with second home owners!  We are the locals that ski all the time, work in our community and frequent Main Street businesses on foot.  We are Park City.

There are no less than 9 kids on our street under the age of ten, most under 4, among 5 or 6 families all trying to raise our kids in a safe environment.  I don’t think that this project is going to make the streets of our neighborhood any safer!  Nor is what we had in mind when we decided to live and raise our families in Old Town.

As the community paper you have the responsibility and the power to be a valuable forum for opinion and debate on this project, and I hope you step up to the plate to do so.

Thank You,

George Goodman

Our “Letters to the Editor” and “Letters to the City Planning Commission” sections contain more letters to inspire you to write.  Writing a letter only takes a few minutes of your time and really makes a difference.