Letters to the Park Record

Writing to local news organizations another great way to show your support for THINC and say “NO” to the Treasure Hill development in Old Town Park City.

You can write the Editor of The Park Record at:

Nan Chalat-Noaker – Editor

This section also contains letters that members of our community have submitted to the Park Record.  We feel that it is the community newspaper’s obligation to inform the citizens about the scale of the Treasure Hill development.  These letters can be used as samples to write your own letters to let the Park Record know you feel about the proposed Treasure Hill development.

Dear Editor,

It is important for the Park Record to show renderings picturing the size of Treasure Hill.  It is way to big for the existing infrastructure.  The proposed size is much larger than the existing base of Park City Mountain Resort.  It is crazy that it is even being considered.  The paper needs to inform the local community about how this will impact the city.

The Developer is trying to develop a project now, based on 1984 criteria and standards; this would make the project standards more than 25 years outdated by the time the project would be completed.  Planning and Development standards have come a long way in 25 years.

I am a developer that has built retail buildings and shopping centers throughout Utah and Oregon.  Every municipality where I have developed a project, requires a that the developer obtain a building permit within one year of approval, start construction within another year, and totally complete the project within five years.  In every city where I have developed, if the project is not started and completed within a specified time, the developer must start over and meet the current criteria and standards.  Park City should not allow a huge over-sized development that is completely based on a 1984 approval!

Please inform the residents about this before it is too late.

Thank you,

Bret Fox

Letter to the Editor:

Subject: Treasure Project

Title: Let All Citizens Know

Dear Park Record, I am writing to request that you do your part as a Community Newspaper and print the latest renderings of the proposed Treasure Project prior to the next Planning Commissions Meeting scheduled for Feb. 11.  As a homeowner in Old Town who has followed this project for the last few years I can’t help but get the feeling that all the citizens of Park City are still not fully aware of the size and scope of this proposed project.  Any positive comparisons to the PCMR Base Project with the Marriott Mountainside, or even the Town Bridge/Lift Project is like comparing apples and oranges.  All of the citizens of Park City should see that “Treasure” is massive and the beautiful hillside where it is proposed to be located will forever be lost if approved.  While we residents of Old Town have many practical  concerns related to Traffic, Safety, Roads, and the overall Quality of Life in our neighborhoods, this is not just an Old Town issue.  All citizens of Park City should have all of the facts and renderings prior to the Feb. 11 Planning Commission Meeting. It is the responsibility of the local newspaper to inform the public, please do your part to ensure that decisions regarding Treasure represent the input of all citizens of Park City, not just those of us in Old Town.

David W. Hood
1030 Lowell Ave.

Dear Editor:

I live at 911 Lowell next to the proposed Treasure Hill Development.  While I am basically excited about anything that improves Park City, I have a lot of concerns about this particular development.

1.  First and foremost is safety.  I am very concerned about getting fire and other emergency vehicles up to what already is a very narrow, congested and dangerous street, with pedestrians already having to share the road.

2.  I am very concerned about the massive structure of this development overhanging historic downtown.

3.  For many years I have had great ski access on and off Creole.  How will this affect not only me but all my other neighbors who have enjoyed great ski access for a long time?

4.   In these economic times, I find it hard to believe that this project will be funded and completed in any kind of a timely manner.  I am also extremely concerned that the project will be started and then funding will be withdrawn, and the project will remain half-completed and a horrible eyesore for years to come.  I think the City should insist whatever project is built here has financing, complete with bonding, to ensure that the project is not a dangerous eyesore.

In conclusion, my concerns are traffic, safety and density changing the entire face of historic Park City, along with tearing up a beautiful hillside into an empty construction hole.

I would very much like to see this site purchased or traded and kept as open space, or certainly a lower density project.


David S. Vandenburgh
911 Lowell Ave.
Park City, UT   84060
Mailing Address:  PO Box 18085, Phoenix, AZ 85005-8085


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