Letters to the City and Planning Commission

The Park City Planning Commission has a significant role in the project review process.  Please send them your input and comments.  From the Planning Department:

“I have found letters and public input during the meetings to be the best way to communicate with the Planning Commission.  I am the City Planner assigned to the project and all letters should be sent directly to me through email or regular mail.  I am responsible for getting the letters to the Planning Commissioners.”

Bruce Erickson – Acting Planning Director

Phone  (435) 615-5008
Fax (435) 615-4906

Please feel free to call them at 435-615-5060 or email at planning@parkcity.org.

Park City Planning Commissioners

ADAM  STRACHAN  adam.strachan@parkcity.org
LAURA SUESSER  laura.suesser@parkcity.org
MELISSA BAND  melissa.band@parkcity.org
DOUGLAS THIMM  douglas.thimm@parkcity.org
JOHN PHILLIPS  john.phillips@parkcity.org
PRESTON CAMPBELL  preston.campbell@parkcity.org
STEVE JOYCE  steve.joyce@parkcity.org


City Council Members

Please also write directly to (or cc) our City Council members on Treasure Hill comments.

City Hall numbers for City Manager, Mayor, and Council

Phone: 435-615-5007 Fax: 435-615-4901

City website: www.parkcity.org

Email all City Council Members: Council_Mail@parkcity.org


Here is the current list and contact info for the City Council Members

Mayor Jack Thomas

Cell: 435-640-9689  Office: 435-615-5010

Email: jack.thomas@parkcity.org

Andy Beerman

Cell: 435-731-8366

Email: andy.beerman@parkcity.org

Becca Gerber

Cell: 801-557-5649

Email: becca.gerber@parkcity.org

Tim Henney

Cell: 435-640-4583

Email: tim.henney@parkcity.org

Cindy Matsumoto

Cell: 435-901-8085

Email: cindy.matsumoto@parkcity.org

Nann Worel

Cell: 435-513-9955

Email: nann.worel@parkcity.org


Here are a couple letters that have been submitted to the city:

We hereby register our concern, dismay and opposition to the proposed “Treasure Hill” project. The massive scale of this proposed project dwarfs all of Old Town buildings and will destroy the character and quaintness that makes Old Town so charming and appealing to visitors, primary residents and second home owners.
To retain its historical character the Park City planning commission has enforced requirements for new construction and remodeling in Old Town regarding building size, height, color, landscaping etc.  Granting approval to a project of this scope which essentially incorporates large, modern, multistoried buildings makes a farce of all those previously enforced requirements.
Traffic on Empire, Lowell and Lower Norfolk Avenues that are narrow streets to begin with will be unsustainable during construction of this project, especially in the winter.  In addition, if this project is completed, the most direct route to Main Street is via Crescent Tram and Eighth Street that are both narrow streets unable to accommodate increased traffic flow.
The criteria for this project were developed a quarter of a century ago.  Park City, Old Town, the economy and environment have changed significantly in the past 25 years making the original plans for this project obsolete and invalid in 2009.  City planners should be aware of the recent massive mud slides in California, Washington and Oregon. These mud slides destroying many homes resulted from weather changes and over development on hillsides.  Is this what we need or want in Park City?
This development will negatively affect the quality of life of all Park City residents while benefiting only one family.  We urge you to carefully consider what is best for Park City both now and in the future and to decide against approving this environmentally and aesthetically damaging project.
Thank you for your consideration.
Fred and Annette Keller
850 Norfolk Ave.

As a 20 year resident and property owner in Old Town I must state my objections and outrage at this proposed “treasure” development in creole gulch. The scale and location of this project defy any reasonable interpretation of the Park City Land Management Code. What happened to the 27 foot height restrictions that builders were supposed to adher to in Old Town? Are they to be thrown out the window (again) for this clearly illegal conditional use? What an eyesore this will be to every resident of and visitor to our town!
The proposed development is right in the middle of Old Town with only two long narrow roads for access. In the winter these roads often become one way streets. In the summer they can be filled with dangerous construction trucks morning til night. Each of the dozens of single family homes in this NEIGHBORHOOD will suffer hugh quality of life degradation and safety issues if this enormous development is approved. Traffic and resident safety should be the overriding concerns for City Council and the Planning Department!
 I realize that the Sweeney family is very prominent in this town. They keep talking about the permits that were granted in the 80’s and revised in the 90’s. But the Park City Land Management Code clearly states that when the Planning Director finds an application to be inactive, he or she may deny the application and close the files on such project. Lets not allow this coercive arguement to grow!
With the greater interest of all Park City residents and mindful of the job we the people elected you to do, I submit that the Park City Planning Commision and City Council reject this application. It is simply and OVERWHELMINGLY wrong for this neighborhood. Please don’t become the Judas that sells out our town for a few pieces of silver!

Jeff Johns

Dear Ms. Cattan:

I am a Old Town Homeownwer on Lowell Ave. writing you to express great concern over the size and scope of the proposed Treasure Project.  I have been following this issue for several years now and have attended Planning Commission Meetings as well.  I will not be able to attend the next scheduled meeting on Feb. 11, but felt compelled to let my voice be heard once again via e-mail.

Traffic and Ccitizen Safety continue to be my biggest concerns.  This project is massive and given it’s proposed placement with access only by the Lowell Ave./Empire Ave. turnaround, the potential ramifications to residents on both of these streets is huge.  Ms. Cattan, assuming you have lived here for many years, you know what these and other Old Town streets look like after a “routine” 12″-16″ dumping of snow.  Or perhaps the 5″-6″ of snow coming every three to four days for several weeks.  It adds up to ever narrowing streets as the snow gets pushed to the side of the road, add the occasional parked car and you have almost one-way street conditions.  That’s today without the Treasure Development.  I realize that the Sweeney family has rights, but the shear size of this project combined with the limited ingress/egress is wrought with potential complications.  Without this project when the weather turns bad, I have seen everything from CocaCola delivery trucks, to Emergency Vehicles get stuck, or at least have significant challenges on Lowell Ave..  Routinely as a pedestrian myself and my family often need to stop, step to the side to let vehicles pass, and then resume our walk on Lowell.  That’s today!  Adding the traffic associated with Treasure with these roads is just plain dangerous.  Please consider denying the CUP request as is.  This project is TOO BIG for Old Town.

Thanks for your consideration and your representation of the citizens of Park City.

David Hood
1030 Lowell Ave.


3 responses to “Letters to the City and Planning Commission

  1. Stu Shaffer

    All arguments against the Treasure Hill project have been stated and restated over and over again for 30 years. Now Treasure Hill looms it’s ugly head once again. Haven’t we already identified all the negatives? Access, safety, congestion, snow removal, water pollution, continuing construction traffic and noise? The biggest problem is the destruction of Historic Old Town’s charm… a million square feet of tall buildings looming over our town. Why is the city even considering a million square feet when the project discussed back in the 80’s was 1/3 that size? The questions have already been answered. Treasure Hill is not feasible. Treasure Hill would be a disaster to everybody in Park City… except one family.
    Stu Shaffer
    613 Main St. #403

  2. Nicholas Runza

    Wow is an understatement when seeing the Treasure Hill project. As you probably remember I purchased a home on Lowell Ave aprox 4 years ago and just over 2 years ago renovated the home with your input/help. When you approved my home for a single off street parking spot and made the comment (“would be a good idea considering the Treasure Hill project”) I never thought what you were talking about could be even a consideration after looking at what is be proposed. As you may also remember I have 2 small children 8, and 4 years of age and my main concern was there safety. As it is right now its pretty much a one way street durring the winter time and close to that durring the summer depending on what vehicals are passing by. I do remember that you have a little one as well and I’m sure you would not want a project of this size put next to your home – especially knowing there only access is right past yours. I remember you saying to me one time ” you have to under stand this is Old Town.” Please keep it that way…

    Nicholas Runza /

  3. Laura Atkins

    I would like to express my concern with the Treasure Hill project. I cannot believe that a development of this size and scope is even being considered by the city. The impact that the project would have on Old Town and all of Park City is unfathomable! The streets are already too crowded and dangerous. I would like to think that the city is concerned for the safety of its residents. Allowing this development to be built in Old Town would directly contradict that notion. I’ve heard a lot of long time Park City residents say that Park City is no longer a ski town, but a developer’s paradise. Please help Park City and Old Town remain a great place to live and say “NO” to Treasure Hill!!

    Laura Atkins
    1101 Norfolk Ave

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