Traffic and Safety Photos Needed

The next Treasure Hill meeting on 2/11/09 will focus on traffic and safety issues.  I’m sure most of us have experienced a multitude of existing traffic and safety issues with Old Town streets (even without the additional traffic that Treasure Hill will bring) including:

  • crowded/narrow streets (especially during Sundance and the busy Holiday tourist season)
  • heavy snow falls that narrow the width of the roads to one lane or less
  • cars attempting to pass pedestrians with pets and children (see photo attached that I took yesterday)
  • groups of skiers walking down the middle of the street to enjoy a day of skiing at PCMR
  • emergency vehicles having difficulty maneuvering past cars and people
  • large delivery trucks (FedEx, UPS, Coke, Pepsi, etc) congesting the road
  • construction vehicles blocking all traffic
  • parked cars on the side of the streets
  • speeding taxis
  • accidents
  • huge snow plow trucks
  • no place to put all the snow – remember last year!
  • long delays getting out of the PCMR area
  • etc.

I would encourage all of us to start to remember and compile them for this meeting.  I would also like to suggest we get out and take photos or find past photos of any of the above examples.

You can send photos to us at and we will compile them for the meeting. Or bring them to the meeting on 2/11 to help substantiate your concerns.  I will also see if we can have access to a projector screen.

These are instructions from the city on photos for the meeting:

Pictures are great and I believe the Planning Commission would want to see them; however you should submit the actual printed pictures and a disk (or jump drive) to us prior to the meeting.  We will include the printed pictures in the packet (or distribute at the meeting) as an item submitted by the public for Planning Commission review regarding the Treasure Hill project.  At the meeting, when you get up and make public comment, you could ask the Planning Commission to allow you to show them your pictures on the projector; you need their permission.  We will have the computer ready to go with your pictures loaded assuming they approve your request.




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