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We would like to start off by thanking everyone who has visited this site and showed their support in the last couple of days.  We have had over 600 visitors in the last 48 hours!  Our member list is growing and we are getting some great comments and letters of support on the VOICE page.  We are making changes to the site every day so keep checking back for updated information and site improvements.  We are looking into an online petition and some other features that will help our letter writing campaign so check back for those updates.

There has been a venue change to the upcoming Planning Commission meeting in anticipation of a big public turn out:

The meeting will be held at the Yarrow Hotel in the Ivers Room on the second floor.  The Yarrow Hotel is located at 1800 Park Avenue.  The Planning Commission Work Session will begin at 5 pm on Wednesday, February 11, 2009.


We have only received photos from a couple people so far.  Past and current photos will really help tell the story on Old Town streets.  Katie Cattan from the PC planning department has requested that we collect any and all photos to be submitted for the 2/11 meeting on traffic and safety.  She will put them on a disk and will make them available on a projector for presentation and discussion.  Send photos to


We have begun meeting with potential legal council to assist in the efforts to help mitigate the impact of Treasure Hill.  There would be a cost associated with this and would require fundraising.  Let us know if there is interest in doing this?  You can comment on the VOICE page or write us directly.


We have had some people ask about t-shirts and stickers.  We love the idea and would like to see what you think.  Would you purchase a THINC t-shirt or bumper sticker?

We hope to see everyone at the meeting on Wednesday,



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One response to “THINC Site Updates

  1. Susan Philipp

    Dear Park City,

    I am writing on behalf of my deep concern over the Treasure Hill proposed development. We live in Payday Condos and recently experienced a major development across the street, Silver Star. We had many concerns about the development, but now that it is complete we are proud of the city and the developer for completing a project that truly enhances Park City. As an architect, I complement the Silver Star team (incl. Park City Planning), for compiling an overall aesthetic design that adheres to a reasonable density and retains the flavor of our Park City heritage. The project was designed with consideration to the landscape, public use, plus enhances traffic, both pedestrian and automobile.

    Treasure Hill, on the other hand, can never be an asset to Park City. The proposed density and architectural massing is absurd. I cannot even imagine the traffic problem that would result!

    I think it is wise for Park City municipal, Park City residents and the Sweeney family to put on their thinking caps and come up with a resolution that will be a win-win for everyone, for the life of Park City. Not just a few generations of Sweeney family compensation.

    If the Sweeney’s are seeking maximum monetary compensation for the land, which we should all realize is fair, then perhaps they propose a more integrative development solution, such as luxury lots, along with a private club house. If they are not content with the compensation these lots could produce, then perhaps campaign for additional funding from the city and/or residents to buy them out of their so called inherited density that they feel may be grandfathered to them.

    I adamantly oppose the development and hope the city quickly resolves both legal and community obligations. Let’s not lose Park City to development for the sake of one man’s need.

    Thank you,

    Susan Philipp

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