Letter to the Sweeneys – 6/26/09

Dear Sweeneys:

I do not know if it is appropriate to contact you directly, however…

I am enclosing one of the many letters I have written to the Planning Commission, the City Council, and to the Park Record.  I am very afraid that you are not receiving the vast numbers of letters and messages expressing opposition to your proposed project.  I spent the past hour pouring over letters from Park City residents who are concerned about your efforts.

The bottom line, of course, is money.  

My hope is that your statements about being good citizens of Park City are not hollow and that you will find some way for the city or a land conservancy to provide you with enough capital to halt your efforts to develop “Treasure Hill,” which would, in my opinion, ruin Park City.  I have donated money to Brian Van Hecke’s organization and to the Land Conservancy in the hopes that someone can change the course of your efforts.

I have attended many Planning Commission meetings, and it seems that you turn a blind eye to those present and to the wishes of the rest of the citizens of Park City.  It also seems that you change meeting dates to reduce the numbers of those who do not want your development to progress.  As a mere half-time resident of Park City, I cannot attend the meeting you postponed from June 24 to July 22.  I have a teaching commitment at the University of California at Santa Barbara during that time, but my absence does not diminish my concern over your “Treasure” Hill project.

Please be aware of what you are doing to everyone else in the city, and please read this letter, one of many.

Very respectfully,

Stu Shaffer


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