Images Show Massive Scarring with the Proposed Treasure Hill Development

The proposed Treasure Hill development would impact all Park City residents and would forever change the Old Town area.  All visitors would see massive excavation scars as well as a dramatic skyline of buildings on Treasure Hill – the signature mountain that lies just behind Main Street.  Here are a few of the newly released images (you can click on each image to enlarge it):

Proposed Excavation as seen from Deer Valley Drive

Proposed Buildings as seen from Deer Valley Drive

Excavation as seen from Main Street and Heber Ave.

Excavation as seen from the Roundabout

Note that the massive scars are still highly visible even after the proposed buildings are set into the pictures.

Also keep in mind that these renderings were created by the applicant – The Sweeneys.

You can also click on the link below to see more images of the proposed Treasure Hill project (I have posted a total of 9 renderings).  These renderings were done by the applicant and show just how massive the scarring will be if the proposed Treasure Hill development is approved:

The renderings include 3 views or vantage points:

  1. From Deer Valley Drive
  2. From Main Street
  3. From the Roundabout

Each vantage point shows 3 pictures:

  1. Current
  2. With Excavation
  3. With the Proposed Buildings

Here’s the link to all 9 images:   New Treasure Hill Renderings

To better view the images, right click on the first one and select Rotate Image.



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2 responses to “Images Show Massive Scarring with the Proposed Treasure Hill Development

  1. I’m still failing to see the appeal of this project. Aside from being a monetary gain to the sweeneys, this is a real disregard for nature and the mountains it created.

    Beyond the tacky design, I’m attempting to comprehend how they would plan on getting enough people into that complex with the current road system. The roads can barely handle the traffic as it is now. What makes anyone think that increasing the amount of traffic is a real benefit?

    To the sweeneys: How about you stop pushing this derelict idea on us. Sell the property as a park to the city then leave it and us be.

  2. Jennifer

    Pretty unbelievable…even after seeing these images many times before, I am still saddened when I look at the cuts in the hillside and the changes that would take place if this were to be built. Thanks for sharing the images again.

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