Half — but not all — of Sweeneys’ Treasure rights appear in play if shifted

Proposed program would allow the square footage to be moved to Bonanza Park

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

City Hall staffers this week recommended half of the development rights attached to the Sweeney family’s Treasure land be put into play under a program that would allow the rights to be shifted to another location.

The recommendation comes as the Park City Planning Commission prepares for what could be a Wednesday vote on whether the municipal government should adopt a program allowing the shifts in development rights, a zoning tool that City Hall wants to create.

In asking that only 50 percent of the development rights be involved in a program, the recommendation will likely leave Treasure critics unhappy that all of the rights were not included. The Planning Commission is not bound by the staff-level recommendation, and any decision by the panel will later be considered by the Park City Council.

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