Tick tock goes the Treasure clock

The choice to pursue a November ballot measure must be made by Aug. 25


A red-letter date in the long-running Treasure negotiations is fast approaching, giving negotiators from City Hall and the Sweeney family less than three weeks to reach an accord that could be brought to voters in November.

The two sides have spent more than a year in talks about some sort of conservation deal for the prized Treasure land overlooking Old Town along the route of the Town Lift. The Park City Council must decide by Aug. 25 whether to put a ballot measure before Park City voters on Election Day to finance a conservation deal. The ballot measure would ask voters to allow City Hall to sell bonds to raise the money needed.

The date is a Thursday, and the City Council is scheduled to hold a meeting that day. An early agenda for the Aug. 25 meeting does not list Treasure, but agendas frequently change significantly by the time they are finalized.

Mayor Dana Williams, one of City Hall’s negotiators, said this week his goal is to put a ballot measure to Parkites in November. The next chance after November for City Hall to put a ballot measure to the voters would be in June. City Hall cannot schedule a special election for a Treasure-related ballot measure.

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