Mayor: counteroffer for Treasure would be ‘fruitless’

He says the nearly $93 million price tag was millions above City Hall’s appraisal

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Real estate negotiations typically go something like this: one side puts a number onto the table, the other side makes a counteroffer and the buyer and seller then attempt to negotiate a price.

That’s not what will apparently happen in the case of the discussions between City Hall and the Treasure partnership about a conservation deal for the partnership’s hillside acreage overlooking Old Town.

Mayor Dana Williams, who is one of City Hall’s negotiators, said in an interview the municipal government is not currently preparing a counteroffer to the Treasure side’s dollar figure. The mayor, a high-ranking real estate agent in the years before the recession, said officials probably will not craft one at all.

“At this point, it’s unlikely City Hall will counter that,” the mayor said on Monday, less than a week after officials made public the Treasure partnership’s price tag for the land.

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