Discussions about Treasure development quietly restart

City Hall wants a resolution to the long-running dispute about project

Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORDparkrecord.com

Posted:   05/14/2013 05:11:04 PM MDT

Representatives from City Hall and the Treasure partnership in recent weeks began meeting regularly for the first time since last fall, a high-ranking municipal staffer said in an interview, an indication that there could be movement upcoming in the long-running talks about the project.

Jonathan Weidenhamer, who directs City Hall’s economic development programs and is assigned to the Treasure discussions, did not provide details about the meetings that have occurred recently. He called them “weekly updates” and “progress reports.”

It seems likely Weidenhamer and possibly at least one elected official have represented the City Hall side. The Treasure partnership has typically been represented by a member of the Sweeney family and someone in attendance on behalf of the family’s partner.

The discussions have been held behind closed doors as the sides attempt to reach an agreement on a development blueprint for the Treasure acreage itself as well as the prospects of shifting some of the development rights attached to the Treasure land to another location.

“We want to get it resolved,” Weidenhamer said, adding, “It continues to be a priority.”

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