Treasure talks take on urgency as Williams’ administration nears its end

Sides continue to meet privately, progress could be made in coming weeks

Posted:   10/25/2013 04:38:16 PM MDT

City Hall and the Treasure developers continue to meet weekly as the sides attempt to craft an agreement, but little has been made public about the discussions in recent months.

Jonathan Weidenhamer, who manages the municipal government’s economic development programs and is assigned to the Treasure negotiations, said in an interview this week the sides hope to make progress over the next two months. He declined to discuss the talks in detail, though.

There will be a change in the mayor’s office early in 2014, as Mayor Dana Williams retires after 12 years as Park City’s top elected official. Treasure remains perhaps the highest-profile piece of City Hall business that remains unfinished as Williams enters his final two months in office. Treasure has been before City Hall through much of Williams’ administration, but the development talks stalled years ago. It has seemed Williams wants to reach a resolution to Treasure or at least make significant progress toward one by the time he leaves office.

“There’s a sense of urgency to try to get something to progress by the end of the year,” Weidenhamer said, acknowledging he is unsure whether an agreement will be reached by then.

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