Park City pressed to release protected Treasure information

The Treasure partnership has released volumes of information about the project over the years, making extensive submittals to City Hall and creating a website jammed with details about the polarizing development proposal.

But last week, a former mayor of Park City said even more should be made public. In an unexpected request to the Park City Planning Commission, Dana Williams asked the panel to seek documents that remain guarded centering on discussions held between City Hall and the Treasure side about the prospects of a conservation deal for some of the Treasure acreage.

The documents were used by negotiating teams from the two sides earlier in the decade as they attempted to craft a deal. They were unable to reach a conservation agreement and the details of the discussions, as well as the documents the parties produced, were tightly held since they are believed to include information about appraisals and similar documents that a government is able to guard from public view.

Williams asked the Planning Commission to request the documents be made public as part of a wide-ranging hearing about Treasure last Wednesday. Williams did not speak extensively about the topic of a release of documents and the Planning Commission did not respond to the request.

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Park City pressed to release protected Treasure information


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