Treasure developers detail argument for 1 million-plus square feet


The Treasure partnership, questioned for years about the square footage of the proposed hillside development, submitted a lengthy memo to City Hall in early August detailing the numbers and arguing that the space is needed to build a high-end hotel.

The memo was sent to the municipal government in anticipation of a Park City Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday. The Planning Commission is engaged in a detailed discussion of the square footage, the first topic the panel is addressing during what is expected to be a lengthy review of Treasure that will eventually move to other difficult topics like traffic.

The square footage proposed at Treasure has increased since a differently designed 2004 submittal. The project at that time was envisioned as 849,007 square feet. The current proposal, though, has expanded to 1,016,887 square feet. Critics of the project, already unhappy at the lower number, are displeased with the higher one as well.

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Treasure developers detail argument for 1 million-plus square feet




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