Treasure pummeled in especially pointed meeting


The Treasure developers received a pummeling on Wednesday night, one of the worst in the decade-plus that the polarizing project has been under review, as members of a City Hall panel and a broad lineup of critics seized on numerous issues during an especially pointed meeting.

It was by a wide margin the most intense Park City Planning Commission meeting about Treasure since talks restarted earlier in the summer. The Wednesday meeting also seemed to outdo in its intensity many of the earlier gatherings about Treasure prior to a hiatus that lasted upward of six years before the sides re-engaged in June.

The Treasure developers ā€” a partnership of the Sweeney family, which is the historic landowner, and a firm called Park City II, LLC ā€” want the Planning Commission to approve a project encompassing approximately 1 million square feet of residences, commercial space and meeting space on a hillside overlooking Old Town close to the route of the Town Lift. The developers in the 1980s secured an overall approval for a project on the Treasure land and nearby parcels and are now seeking another necessary permit.

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Treasure pummeled in especially pointed meeting



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