THINC – Meeting Recap, News and Next Meeting Schedule

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Greetings THINC,

I would like to thank all those in attendance last week at the Planning Commission meeting.  We had a good turnout but need more people to attend these critical meetings.  The topic again was density.

The applicant tried to justify their request for over 1.1M square feet.  THINC and its members provided ample evidence why this does not meet the Land Management Code requirements and should not be permitted.

We invited several of the planning commissioners and city council members from the 1985/1986 boards including Brad Olch, Ann MacQuoid and Jim Doilney to speak.  All three confirmed that the current proposal submitted by the applicant was not what was envisioned and would never have been approved.

See THINC’s summary arguments below:

The Planning Commission has given the developers the benefit of the doubt about the continuing rights of the 30 year old MPD, but we disagree.

The developers have not upheld their end of the bargain.

They have taken too long to develop and Park City has changed in ways no one anticipated 30 years ago.

Even if the MPD is still valid after 30 years, the MPD imposed limits and obligations on the developers BUT…

The developers are ignoring the limits of the MPD in numerous respects:

  • they have shown no respect for the density limits of their approval.
  • instead want to add hundreds of thousands of square feet in historic old town without acknowledging the profound impacts that will have on our City.

The proposed development and conference center will create dangerous conditions on our narrow Old Town roads.

The proposed development could damage our water supply.

They are showing no respect for historic design guidelines, even though they are in an historic district.

The proposed excavation alone will require 300 heavy trucks a day for 20 years.

They are proposing to excavate huge, permanent and devastating scars into the hillside so their development can be profitable, but they are ignoring that the land management code requires them to build to the terrain, not to permanently alter the landscape so they can make money.

If they can’t make a profit and follow the law, they should not build.


Treasure pummeled in especially pointed meeting

KPCW with Brian Van Hecke

KPCW interview with Pat Sweeney – starts at 20 minutes into the audio file


The Planning Commission is scheduled to address Treasure Hill density again on Sept. 14.  The panel and the public will be visiting the site that day as well.  The proposed height of Treasure Hill will be marked so we can better understand the size/height of the buildings being proposed.  Your attendance again is critical at these meetings.


We recently launched a crowd funding site and need your help to continue this fight.  Please help us in raising funds to pay for this defense and to protect Park City from this monstrous development.  Visit our fundraising site at:

Please alert your friends and neighbors as this proposed development will impact all of us here in Park City.  Your attendance at these monthly meetings is critical and hope to see you there!


Visit or follow us on Facebook here  and our website at  Also, please forward any names and email addresses of other concerned residents who might be interested in joining THINC.  They can also sign up at the following link to receive updates (

Let’s keep Park City, Park City.  Stop Treasure Hill!



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