Treasure numbers confound Park City panel


The Park City Planning Commission, continuing to consider the critical question of the square footage sought by the Treasure development partnership, did not appear to be close to making a determination at a meeting on Wednesday night as wide-ranging numbers were mentioned but not agreed upon.

The eventual decision regarding square footage will be one of the most important made by the panel since the number will heavily influence other Treasure discussions, such as those focused on traffic and building designs. The Treasure partnership seeks an approval for just more than 1 million square feet of development. That figure, though, has been challenged for years as critics argue that a 1980s overall approval granted for development on the Treasure land and nearby parcels did not envision a project of the size that the partnership wants approved.

The Planning Commission on Wednesday night was not prepared to make a decision on square footage, and not all the panelists offered detailed numbers. The two Planning Commissioners who provided potential square footages indicated the number could be less than the just more than 1 million square feet claimed by the Treasure partnership, which consists of the Sweeney family – the historic owner of the property – and a firm called Park City II, LLC.

Douglas Thimm, a Planning Commissioner, mentioned a square footage of perhaps 897,491 or 979,314. Laura Suesser, another Planning Commissioner, though, pegged the possible number at approximately 628,000. Suesser questioned the Treasure side’s calculations of a square-footage category that involves space needed to operate a high-end lodging property, known as support commercial. That category of square footage has been repeatedly challenged by critics of Treasure.

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Treasure numbers confound Park City panel



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