Treasure developers plan to break out detailed model next week

55530-9cityp1The Treasure developers have provided numerous computer-generated images showing how the project would fit on a hillside overlooking Old Town.

On Wednesday, as the Treasure partnership continues its talks with the Park City Planning Commission, the developers intend to put another sort of visual on display.

A detailed physical model will be brought to the Marsac Building for the Planning Commission. It is believed that it will be the first time the model is on public display since 2010. The model was created during an earlier round of discussions about Treasure.

The model will likely be one of the highlights of what will be the final Planning Commission meeting of the year regarding Treasure. During the discussions in 2010, members of the Planning Commission and the public pored over the model. It was a detailed visual aid as those interested studied how the Treasure buildings would look in contrast to the surrounding neighborhood.

See link below for the rest of the article:


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