Treasure talks further complicated as nearby developer emerges

Many people in Old Town, particularly along Lowell Avenue and Empire Avenue, are already dismayed with the idea to build the Treasure project on a hillside overlooking Old Town close to the route of the Town Lift.

Another developer in early February publicized plans for a significant project nearby, a concept that, it seems, will draw extra attention based on its proximity to the much larger Treasure. Though they are separate projects, Treasure and an eventual CRH Partners, LLC proposal will likely be seen by critics as related nonetheless as they outline the concerns about each. Members of the Park City Planning Commission, which are amid a review of Treasure and are expected to begin discussing the CRH Partners, LLC project in coming months, could also raise questions about the combined impacts, such as the traffic the two projects will be expected to generate.

It is an unusual situation in recent years involving two sizable development proposals in such close proximity. Drivers headed to the two projects, as an example, would be expected to heavily use Lowell Avenue.

“I would expect that we both get the same banter, the same traffic concerns . . . as expressed by the neighbors and other people in Park City,” acknowledged Pat Sweeney, who represents his family in the Treasure discussions.

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