Treasure Hill Application Prompts Much Discussion — and More Delays

th dv3The Park City Planning Commission is scheduled to once again take up the Treasure Hill conditional-use application at Wednesday’s meeting. KPCW’s Melissa Allison has more.

See link below for the full segment:

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KPCW Local News Hour – December 13, 2016


On today’s program, Host Leslie Thatcher speaks to Summit County manager Tom Fisher who previews the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting. Park City Planning Director Bruce Erickson has a review of Wednesday’s planning commission meeting, which includes the monthly update on the Treasure project…

Interview with Bruce starts at 15:47.

See link below for the full interview:

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Treasure developers plan to break out detailed model next week

55530-9cityp1The Treasure developers have provided numerous computer-generated images showing how the project would fit on a hillside overlooking Old Town.

On Wednesday, as the Treasure partnership continues its talks with the Park City Planning Commission, the developers intend to put another sort of visual on display.

A detailed physical model will be brought to the Marsac Building for the Planning Commission. It is believed that it will be the first time the model is on public display since 2010. The model was created during an earlier round of discussions about Treasure.

The model will likely be one of the highlights of what will be the final Planning Commission meeting of the year regarding Treasure. During the discussions in 2010, members of the Planning Commission and the public pored over the model. It was a detailed visual aid as those interested studied how the Treasure buildings would look in contrast to the surrounding neighborhood.

See link below for the rest of the article:

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Local News Hour November 10, 2016

Park City Planning Commissioner Steve Joyce discusses last night’s meeting about the Treasure project.

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Thirty Years and Still No Treasure


The Park City Planning Commission met last night to once again discuss the Treasure Hill project that is now in it’s 30 plus years of planning. Though public attendance dropped down to about 30 people – feelings were, never the less, very strong. KPCW’s Melissa Allison has more.

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Planning Commission and Treasure Hill Meet on Wednesday


It’s the first planning commission meeting of the month which means Treasure is on the Agenda to talk more about mass, design and impact. KPCW’s Melissa Allison brings us the story.

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Next Treasure Hill meeting is today (Wednesday 11/9/16 @ 5:30PM)


Greetings THINC,

The next Planning Commission meeting to address the proposed Treasure Hill development is set for today:

Date:  Wednesday, November 9th

Time:  Meeting starts 5:30PM


This meeting will be a work session and public input will be taken.  We need a large turnout again and hope you can make it.  Our attendance and participation at these meetings is critical.  If approved the proposed Treasure Hill development would significantly change Park City forever and have a detrimental impact on the quality of life and the overall historical integrity of our town.


From the Staff Report – Staff recommends that the Planning Commission review Conditional Use Permit (CUP) criteria no. 8, 11, and 15 as presented in this work session staff report.  Staff recommends that the Planning Commission provide input and direction. Staff recommends that the Planning Commission conduct a public hearing and continue it to the December 14, 2016 Planning Commission meeting.


  1. building mass, bulk, and orientation, and the location of buildings on the site; including orientation to buildings on adjoining lots;
  2. physical design and compatibility with surrounding structures in mass, scale, style, design, and architectural detailing;
  3. within and adjoining the site impacts on environmentally sensitive lands, slope retention, and appropriateness of the proposed structure to the topography of the site.


The images below show the potential devastating impact of the proposed Treasure Hill development plans.  The Sweeneys and their partner are seeking approval to build more than 1.1M square feet on the landmark Treasure Hill in Historic Old Town.  With your help we can stop this from happening!

The current proposed development includes a sprawling complex with multiple condo/hotel towers over 10 stories high, large conference center, retail shops, restaurants, and a large underground parking garage.  It also includes massive excavation scars (over 120 feet high) that will be visible from all over town.  The project received an approval from the City way back in 1986 for 413,000 square feet.  Now 30 years later, the applicant is trying to get nearly 1.2M square feet of total development approved.


PC Legal Notice 11.09.16 PC Packet 11.9.16

If you cannot attend please make sure to submit your comments and concerns to:

Please alert your friends and neighbors as this proposed development will impact all of us here in Park City.  Your attendance at these meetings is critical and hope to see you there!


We recently launched a crowd funding site and need your help to continue this fight.  Please help us in raising funds to pay for this defense and to protect Park City from this monstrous development.  Visit our fundraising site at:


Visit or follow us on Facebook here  and our website at  Also, please forward any names and email addresses of other concerned residents who might be interested in joining THINC.  They can also sign up at the following link to receive updates (

Let’s keep Park City, Park City.  Stop Treasure Hill!

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