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This year THINC will be participating in the Live PC Give PC event on November 4th.

Every November, our community comes together for 24 hours of giving. Live PC Give PC is on November 4, 2016 – one extraordinary day to support the organizations that make Park City special. Make a real impact – every donation you make gives your favorite organizations the chance to win matching grants and prizes.

Below is the link to donate to THINC Park City:

You can donate anytime starting today and all your contributions will count toward the Live PC Give PC event.

All donations are greatly appreciated!  THINC (Treasure Hill Impact Neighborhood Coalition) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization so your donations are tax deductible.

Our collective mission at THINC is to raise public awareness and help initiate action in order to preserve and protect Park City’s Historic Old Town.  All THINC Core members are volunteers so all funds go directly to supporting our cause including our ongoing efforts to help stop the currently proposed Treasure Hill development.  We also intend to create even more awareness of the negative impacts that Treasure Hill would have on all of us here in Park City.

Thanks again for your support.

Let’s keep Park City, Park City.



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Treasure developers continue to encounter broad opposition

treasureoctoberimage-1240x958The Treasure development partnership on Wednesday received another round of criticism, continuing what has been broad opposition to the disputed hillside project and leaving the partnership with, it seems, little support on the Park City Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission is likely months away from casting a vote on Treasure, but the meeting on Wednesday again highlighted deep-rooted concerns by panelists as well as people who live on nearby streets. The Planning Commission since the summer has held monthly discussions and hearings about Treasure, signaling repeatedly they have concerns about issues like the project design and the square-footage numbers. The panel continues to address those issues and will likely have additional trouble once they move onto other topics like the traffic Treasure is anticipated to draw.

The meeting on Wednesday, held at the Santy Auditorium at the Park City Library, drew a smaller crowd than other Planning Commission meetings that dealt with Treasure. The crowd appeared to be largely in opposition to the project, as has been the case at previous meetings.

For the rest of this article please click on the link below:

Treasure developers continue to encounter broad opposition

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Treasure developers ‘deeply troubled’ with direction of talks

The Treasure partnership late last week expressed worries that the current roster of the Park City Planning Commission is essentially ignoring the decade-plus of discussions about the disputed project that occurred with previous lineups of the panel, arguing that directions given at earlier meetings remain relevant even though there are new figures involved nowadays.

The partnership broached the topic in a memo submitted to City Hall in anticipation of a Planning Commission meeting about Treasure scheduled on Wednesday. The memo covers a range of planning-related topics, but the statement centered on the relevancy of the previous discussions is especially notable. The Treasure side has been in talks with the Planning Commission since 2004 with various stops and restarts in the talks.

There has been significant turnover in the Planning Commission over the past 12 years. Adam Strachan is the only member of the Planning Commission who was on the roster in 2010, when one of the rounds of Treasure talks broke down. They were not restarted again until last summer. The Treasure partnership – consisting of the Sweeney family and an investor called Park City II, LLC – re-engaged the Planning Commission with a largely similar project design in the summer.

For the rest of this article please click on the link below:

Treasure developers ‘deeply troubled’ with direction of talks

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Greetings THINC,

The image below shows the devastating Treasure Hill development plans.  The Sweeneys and their partner are seeking approval to build more than 1.1M square feet on the landmark Treasure Hill in Historic Old Town.  With your help we can stop this from happening!


The current proposed development includes a sprawling complex with multiple condo/hotel towers over 10 stories high, large conference center, retail shops, restaurants, and a large underground parking garage.  It also includes massive excavation scars (over 120 feet high) that will be visible from all over town.

The next Planning Commission meeting to address the proposed Treasure Hill development is set for tomorrow:

Date:  Wednesday, October 12th

Time:  Meeting starts 5:30PM

Place:  Jim Santy Auditorium at 1255 Park Avenue

We need a large turnout again and hope you can make it.  Our attendance and participation at these meetings is critical.  If approved the proposed Treasure Hill development would significantly change Park City forever and have a detrimental impact on the quality of life and the overall historical integrity of our town.

Meeting Topics/Details:

CUP Criterion no. 1 Size and Scale of the location of the Site

CUP Criterion no. 9 Usable open Space

The project received an approval from the City way back in 1986 for 413,000 square feet.  Now 30 years later, the applicant is trying to get nearly 1.2M square feet of total development approved.

Below are the meeting notices and packet from the city:

PC Legal Notice 10.12.16

PC Agenda 10.12.16

PC Packet 10.12.16 (Treasure Hill starts on page 49)

Below is a link to an interview earlier today with Bruce Erickson on KPCW (interview starts at 13 minutes):

If you cannot attend please make sure to submit your comments and concerns to:

Please alert your friends and neighbors as this proposed development will impact all of us here in Park City.  Your attendance at these meetings is critical and hope to see you there!


We just launched a crowd funding site and need your help to continue this fight.  Please help us in raising funds to pay for this defense and to protect Park City from this monstrous development.  Visit our fundraising site at:


Visit or follow us on Facebook here  and our website at  Also, please forward any names and email addresses of other concerned residents who might be interested in joining THINC.  They can also sign up at the following link to receive updates (

Let’s keep Park City, Park City.  Stop Treasure Hill!



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Interview with Bruce Erickson from the Park City Planning Department

On today’s program, Host Leslie Thatcher speaks to Summit County manager Tom Fisher to discuss the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting. Park City  Planning director Bruce Erickson on Wednesday’s  City Planning Commission meeting in which Treasure will be discussed.

Interview with Bruce starts at 13 minutes:



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Park City and Treasure cannot even agree on points of agreement

City Hall and the Treasure partnership apparently cannot agree on a statement outlining the points of agreement between the two sides regarding the polarizing development proposal, more evidence of the difficulties presented by a project that won an overall approval in the 1980s and is seeking another necessary permit three decades later.

The Park City Planning Commission appears to have deep-rooted questions about Treasure, particularly as panelists weigh the proposal – upward of 1 million square feet of development on a hillside overlooking Old Town – against the 1980s approval. The Treasure partnership argues the proposal fits the earlier overall approval, but Planning Commissioners thus far seem unconvinced that is the case.

At a Planning Commission last week, the Treasure side – consisting of a partnership of the Sweeney family and a firm called Park City II, LLC — claimed City Hall has previously found the proposal to fall within the limits of the 1980s approval, but the thinking within the municipal government changed recently.

A Treasure attorney, meanwhile, told the Planning Commission that City Hall had rejected a proposal from the Treasure developers seeking a statement signed by both sides that would have apparently listed points that are not disputed by either side. The Planning Commission was not provided a detailed rundown what would have been included in a statement.

For the rest of this article please click on the link below:

Park City and Treasure cannot even agree on points of agreement

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Treasure numbers confound Park City panel


The Park City Planning Commission, continuing to consider the critical question of the square footage sought by the Treasure development partnership, did not appear to be close to making a determination at a meeting on Wednesday night as wide-ranging numbers were mentioned but not agreed upon.

The eventual decision regarding square footage will be one of the most important made by the panel since the number will heavily influence other Treasure discussions, such as those focused on traffic and building designs. The Treasure partnership seeks an approval for just more than 1 million square feet of development. That figure, though, has been challenged for years as critics argue that a 1980s overall approval granted for development on the Treasure land and nearby parcels did not envision a project of the size that the partnership wants approved.

The Planning Commission on Wednesday night was not prepared to make a decision on square footage, and not all the panelists offered detailed numbers. The two Planning Commissioners who provided potential square footages indicated the number could be less than the just more than 1 million square feet claimed by the Treasure partnership, which consists of the Sweeney family – the historic owner of the property – and a firm called Park City II, LLC.

Douglas Thimm, a Planning Commissioner, mentioned a square footage of perhaps 897,491 or 979,314. Laura Suesser, another Planning Commissioner, though, pegged the possible number at approximately 628,000. Suesser questioned the Treasure side’s calculations of a square-footage category that involves space needed to operate a high-end lodging property, known as support commercial. That category of square footage has been repeatedly challenged by critics of Treasure.

For the rest of this article please click on the link below:

Treasure numbers confound Park City panel


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