Park City pressed to release protected Treasure information

The Treasure partnership has released volumes of information about the project over the years, making extensive submittals to City Hall and creating a website jammed with details about the polarizing development proposal.

But last week, a former mayor of Park City said even more should be made public. In an unexpected request to the Park City Planning Commission, Dana Williams asked the panel to seek documents that remain guarded centering on discussions held between City Hall and the Treasure side about the prospects of a conservation deal for some of the Treasure acreage.

The documents were used by negotiating teams from the two sides earlier in the decade as they attempted to craft a deal. They were unable to reach a conservation agreement and the details of the discussions, as well as the documents the parties produced, were tightly held since they are believed to include information about appraisals and similar documents that a government is able to guard from public view.

Williams asked the Planning Commission to request the documents be made public as part of a wide-ranging hearing about Treasure last Wednesday. Williams did not speak extensively about the topic of a release of documents and the Planning Commission did not respond to the request.

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Park City pressed to release protected Treasure information

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Planning Commission Turns Eye on Treasure Hill


The on-again, off-again Treasure Hill project returns to the forefront this week when the Park City Planning Commission begins what’s expected to be at least a year-long review process. LPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.

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Treasure development: ‘Just say No’

51749-treasuremeetinggo~p1-1240x827The Treasure partnership appeared before the Park City Planning Commission on Wednesday evening, listening to another round of criticism that included an especially pointed statement by a panel member, as the contentious discussions about the project continued.

The meeting, held at the Santy Auditorium at the Park City Library to accommodate the crowd, was the second in what is expected to be a series of monthly discussions about Treasure, which returned to the Planning Commission earlier in the summer after a lengthy hiatus.

The Planning Commission and the Treasure side focused on the square footage of the project, a critical issue that separates Park City officials and the developers. The Sweeney family in the 1980s won an overall approval for development at the Treasure site and nearby parcels of land, but Treasure critics have long disputed the just more than 1 million square feet that is sought. The project is now under the ownership of a partnership involving the Sweeney family and firm called Park City II, LLC. The Treasure land is located on a hillside overlooking Old Town along the route of the Town Lift.

For the rest of this article please click on the link below:

Treasure development: ‘Just say No’

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THINC presentation at the planning commission meeting this week

Please click on the link below to see the recent THINC presentation and staggering images of the proposed massive development of Treasure Hill:

THINC presentation 7.13.16

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Park City, in crucial report, questions Treasure numbers

City Hall has issued a report questioning the square footage the Treasure partnership wants approved on a hillside overlooking Old Town, a wrinkle in the long-running discussions about the project that could have broad implications for the developers.

The Park City Planning Department drafted the report in anticipation of a meeting of the Planning Commission scheduled on Wednesday, July 13. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. in the Santy Auditorium at the Park City Library.

The amount of square footage proposed by the Treasure developers, just more than 1 million square feet, has long been one of the sticking points between the developers, Planning Commissions over the years and project critics. The Sweeney family in the 1980s secured development rights for the Treasure land and nearby parcels, but the detailed numbers have been disputed by the various sides based on their own calculations. The Treasure parcel is located just west of Old Town roughly along the route of the Town Lift.

See link below for the rest of this article:

Park City, in crucial report, questions Treasure numbers

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Bruce Erickson interview on KPCW

On today’s Local News Hour, host Leslie Thatcher speaks to Summit County Development director Pat Putt and Health Department Director Rich Bullough about the crack down on tiny houses. Park City Planning Director Bruce Erickson discusses Wednesday’s Park City Planning Commission agenda.

See link below to the KPCW interview:


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THINC – Treasure Hill Update and next meeting notice (7/13 @ 5:30PM)


Greetings THINC,

The threat of the proposed Treasure Hill development is real and significant.  The Planning Commission is meeting each month to ultimately decide on the fate of Treasure Hill.  This is the extremely sensitive land in Old Town just above the Town Lift Base area.  See image below of the proposed development:

The next Planning Commission meeting on Treasure Hill is this coming Wednesday (July 13th at 5:30PM).

Date:  Wednesday, July 13th

Time:  Meeting starts 5:30PM

Place:  Jim Santy Auditorium at 1255 Park Avenue

We need a large turnout and hope you can make it.  Our attendance and participation at these meetings is critical if we hope to change the course of this proposed development.  If approved the proposed Treasure Hill development would significantly change Park City forever and have a detrimental impact on the quality of life and the overall historical integrity of our town.

The topic of the meeting is Density.  The Planning Commission is trying to determine the maximum allowable square footage for the proposed development.  Way back in 1985 the Planning Commission approved the following:

UE’s       Equivalent           Square feet

Residential          197         2,000                     394,000

Commercial        19           1,000                     19,000

Total                      216                                         413,000

The current proposed development from the applicant is a sprawling complex of nearly 1,200,000 square feet including multiple condo/hotel towers, conference center, retail shops, restaurants, a huge underground parking garage, and more.  It also includes massive excavation scars in the mountainside that will be visible from all over town.

Below are some links from the City’s Treasure Hill website:

Recent Treasure Hill news from the Park Record:

Treasure deal, once seen as breaking logjam, now all but abandoned

As Treasure returns, critics seize on hillside ‘monstrosity’

Recent Treasure Hills news from KPCW:

Sweeney Attorney Delivers Threat to PC Planning Commission

Residents Voice Concerns Over Treasure Hill Project

Pictures of the proposed development can be found on our website here:

Please alert your friends and neighbors as this proposed development will impact all of us here in Park City.  Your attendance at these meetings is critical and hope to see you there!


Visit or follow us on Facebook here  and our website at  Also, please forward any names and email addresses of other concerned residents who might be interested in joining THINC.  They can also sign up at the following link to receive updates (

Let’s keep Park City, Park City.  Stop Treasure Hill!



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