New THINC Park City website

Thank you for visiting THINC Park City’s new web-log.  We are a non-profit organization working hard to inform Park City’s residents about impending developments such as Treasure Hill, that will effect the lives and well being of Park City’s Old Town residents.  As we continue to update this web-log, we will provide you with tools to make your voice heard throughout our community.

THINC about why you love living in this community and help to preserve it.

Our new web-log allows you to get involved in many ways, you can VOICE your opinion, ATTEND critical meetings, WRITE to your city council, and JOIN the efforts to stop future developments that would cause too much impact on the town we all call home.  In addition, you can stay up to date with current news and happenings by reading our BLOG.

We have also provided you with links to other sources of information about our cause as well as links to the press and town officials so you can let them know that you say “NO” to the development of Treasure Hill.

We are in the process of taking out a full page ad in the Park Record as well as seeking other avenues for our voices to be heard.  Our local radio station KPCW provides another great forum to voice your opposition of the Treasure Hill development.  You can call The Randy Barton Show between 4:30 and 5:30pm Monday – Friday to let listeners know that you oppose the Treasure Hill development, and hopefully start a dialog with other listeners.

You may also comment on our own open forum in the VOICE section of our web-log.

Thank you for visiting us at THINC and we urge you to get involved to help preserve what we love about Old Town Park City.



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  1. Mya

    Loved reading this thankk you

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