Traffic and Safety Meeting 2/11/09

Greetings THINC member.

I wanted to provide a quick update and some additional information that should be helpful in preparing for the next meeting on 2/11/09 (which will address traffic and safety issues).

I am working (with a few others) on getting the Park Record to do a much needed article with renderings of the planned Treasure Hill development.  I feel this is imperative and an obligation that our local newspaper has to the citizens of Park City.  If you feel the same way please write or call Nan Chalat-Noaker the editor of the Park Record.  Ask her to show these renderings as soon as possible on the front page in the lead article.  Her contact information is below:

We are also placing our own full page ad in the Park Record with a large photo showing the true scale and scope of the project.

Finally, to help provide some more background that may assist you in writing letters, etc., attached is the latest staff report on Treasure Hill and excerpts from the 1984 Land Management Code (used when Treasure Hill was originally approved).

Of particular note regarding traffic issues: the purpose of the LMC is to promote safety (15-1-2 (A); The City shall not issue a CUP (conditional use permit) unless the use is compatible in circulation (15-1-10 (D) (2); the City shall not issue a CUP unless “traffic considerations including capacity of the existing Streets in the Area” (15-1-10 (E)(2).

Also of note: a project can be terminated if it is inactive (15-1-14 (A). The Land Management Code in effect at the time of the original approval stated “Length of Approval. The Large Scale Master Planned Development approval granted by the Planning Commission shall be effective so long as construction is proceeding in accordance with the approved phasing plan. Approval will lapse after two years of inaction,…”

I hope this helps all of us to prepare our remarks for the important meeting on 2/11/2009.



15-1-2 Statement of Purpose

(A) To promote the general health, safety and welfare of the present and future inhabitants, Businesses, and visitors to the city.

(G) To prevent Development that adds to…other conditions that create potential dangers to life and safety in the community…

15-1-10 Conditional Use Review Process

If the reasonable detrimental effects of a proposed Conditional Use cannot be substantially mitigated by the proposal or imposition of reasonable conditions to achieve compliance with applicable standards, the Conditional Use may be denied.

(D) Standards for Review.  The City shall not issue a conditional use permit unless the Planning Commission concludes that:

(2) the Use will be Compatible with surrounding Structures in Use, scale, mass, and circulation;

(E) Review.  The Planning Department and/or Planning Commission must review each of the following items when considering whether or not the proposed Conditional Use mitigates impacts of and addresses the following items:

(2) traffic considerations including capacity of the existing Streets in the Area;

() Building mass, bulk, and orientation, and the location of Buildings on the Site; including orientation to Buildings on adjoining Lots;

(11) physical design and Compatibility with surrounding Structures in mass, scale, style,…


(A)              TERMINATION OF APPLICATIONS.  When the Planning Director finds an Application to be inactive, the Planning Director may deny the Application and close the files with respect to that project….

15-1-17.  VESTING.
(A)(1)  An applicant is entitled to approval of a Land Use Application if the Application conforms to the requirements of an applicable land Use ordinance in effect with a complete Application is submitted and all fees have been paid, unless:
(a) the land Use authority, on the record, finds that a compelling, countervailing public interest would be jeopardized by approving the Application


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