Letter of Concern to the City Council

I am writing you to express the concerns of over 400 residents of Park City who are part of THINC. The group includes residents, business owners and home owners from all over Park City including Park Meadows, Pinebrook, Thaynes Canyon, Deer Valley, Promontory, Glenwild, Old Town and elsewhere.

THINC’s collective mission is to raise public awareness and to help initiate action in order to preserve and protect Park City’s Historic Old Town. Our first and main project has been to raise awareness and voice concerns about the compatibility of the development of Treasure Hill.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the meeting on Thursday night but I wanted to share our opinions on the two Treasure Hill matters facing City Council on Thursday night.

First, there is no basis for compromising the affordable housing requirements for this large scale development proposed for Old Town. The Sweeneys have not provided a single good reason as to why they should be entitled to a waiver of 30% of the affordable housing requirements set forth in Resolution 17-99 and 20-07. The affordable housing requirements in the Code are well considered and reasonable and should not be compromised except in extraordinary circumstances which are not present here. Putting any affordable/employee housing elsewhere would only significantly increase the already complicated traffic problems and simply should not be even considered. The proposed development should include all the affordable housing requirement and it should be part of the existing density (no increase in density should be permitted). In addition, developers are required to provide a diversity of housing as part of fulfilling the affordable housing requirement for sound reasons. Why should the City Council allow dorm style lodging alone to fulfill this requirement? For an extra 20 beds? We have a diversified work force in Park City which requires diversified affordable housing. We encourage the City Council to abide by the affordable housing requirements as set forth in the Code.

THINC very much supports the current code pertaining to affordable housing and is AGAINST giving the Sweeneys any exception for the proposed Treasure Hill development. All affordable housing requirements, as contemplated in the Code, belong on site for Treasure Hill if the project is developed.

Second, City Council is considering retaining outside special counsel to fully review the 1986 Master Planned Development and vesting rights related to the proposed Treasure Hill development. THINC strongly encourages the City Council to support retaining outside counsel to review this proposal, the MPD that was granted over 20 years ago, vesting rights, and the rights of all citizens of Park City. It is important for the City to take all reasonable steps in its consideration of this massive project on behalf of all of the citizens of Park City. The public, prior City Council members and now Planning Commissioners have all raised questions regarding the legality of the MPD given the lapse in time and the various questionable administrative procedures which took place. With all due respect to the City Attorney, land use is a complicated area of the law and it is absolutely appropriate for the City to have a lawyer with the requisite expertise to assess the current merits of the MPD approval. Indeed, if City Council declines to approve the hiring of outside counsel to do a thorough review of this matter (particularly if Council declines due to budget concerns while in the midst of potentially approving million $ renovations to the Racquet Club and 125th Parties throughout the year), the City Council will raise some serious public confusion or potential resentment.

We trust the Council recognizes its critical role in ensuring the responsible growth and compatible development of projects within this City – new projects should not severely compromise the quality of life of our citizens.

On behalf of our 400+ members, we thank you for your consideration.



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