City Council Meeting Thursday Night

Greetings THINC.

I wanted to make sure everyone was aware there is a key City Council meeting this week on Thursday night. There are two topics pertaining to Treasure Hill on the agenda.

First, the Sweeneys are attempting to appeal the current code which requires all affordable housing units to be built on the development site. They are hoping to get an exception so they can build most of the required affordable housing units elsewhere. Putting the affordable/employee housing elsewhere would only increase the daily traffic to the proposed development and simply should not be allowed. The proposed development should include all the affordable housing requirement and it should be part of the existing density (no increase in density should be permitted). There will be a public hearing and I would encourage you to voice your support for the current code pertaining to affordable housing and AGAINST giving the Sweeneys any exception.

Second, the City Council is considering retaining outside special counsel to fully review the 1986 Master Planned Development and vesting rights related to the proposed Treasure Hill development. I would strongly encourage you to voice your support for retaining outside counsel.

Below are the meeting details:

Thursday, February 26 @ 6:00 PM – Santy Auditorium (1255 Park Avenue)

If you cannot make the meeting please write directly to the city council members and voice your opinions. Their email addresses are below:

Candace Erickson
Jim Hier –
Joe Kernan –
Roger Harlan –
Liza Simpson –

You can also include Katie Cattan from the planning department at

Below is a link to the agenda and staff report for the meeting:

Click to access 0226packet.pdf

Unfortunately I am out of town so I will not be able to make the meeting.


I also wanted to forward a couple of interesting articles which appeared in the Saturday edition of the Park Record:

Probe of Treasure Hill considered

Merchants delve Into Treasure

There is also an article in the paper today which focuses on Treasure Hill supporters:

Sweeney: we have supporters, too

It seems the Park Record is not being objective in their coverage of Treasure Hill. The paper seems to be making a significant effort to show support for the development and the Sweeneys rather than focus on the real issues that this development would have on Park City. Keep in mind how reluctant the paper was in posting a large rendering of this project until we took out a full page ad to show the truth. You can always voice your opinion to the paper at:




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