Next Important Treasure Hill Meeting Tonight

There is an important Planning Commission meeting tonight on the proposed Treasure Hill development. Our large turnout last time made a huge impact and is needed once again.


The main topic will be traffic and safety issues. Public input will be taken and is highly encouraged. This may be our last chance to address this major issue.

Jody Burnett will also be presenting his final report regarding the “vesting and validity” of the 1986 Treasure Hill MPD. As you might recall, the City hired Jody Burnett as outside counsel to review the 23 year old Treasure Hill Master Planned Development agreement.

Finally, the Sweeneys will provide updates on the proposed project and answer questions that were raised by the planning commissioners during the last meeting on February 11, 2009. The questions to be addressed are listed in the attached.

More information and some of the Sweeneys responses (as well as consultant and engineering reports) are available online in the agenda packet starting on page 217:


Tom Eddington and Katie Cattan were interviewed on KPCW this morning regarding the meeting tomorrow night. Below is a summary of some of their comments and what to expect tomorrow night:

Revised proposed changes to Lowell Ave. including widening the street, 4’ retaining walls on the uphill side of the street, and a sidewalk on the downhill side of the street.
Revised strict parking requirements on Empire and Lowell – no overnight parking during the winter.
New stairs on 10th street to get people up to Lowell Ave.
Mass and scale will be the next topic to be discussed.


Wednesday, April 22nd @ 6:40 PM – Santy Auditorium (1255 Park Avenue). Please note that discussion on Treasure Hill is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM. Jody Burnett will be first on the agenda with his final report and findings.

Below is a link to the complete agenda:

Hope to see you at the meeting. Thanks for your support.



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