Open letter to the people of Park City from THINC

To all our neighbors and friends,

Thank you to our neighbors from all over Park City who attended the Planning Commission meeting on Feb 10th.  Thanks for speaking out and taking a stand against the proposed Treasure Hill project.  Thanks for asking the right questions and working positively toward keeping Park City a great place to live.
Treasure Hill could literally destroy Old Town as we know it and have devastating and irrevocable impacts on our town.   Some of these impacts include: intolerable traffic and safety impacts to narrow streets built prior to the automobile, potential loss of our national historic district designation, 10- 20 years of almost indescribably destructive construction, extremely negative impacts to property values for Old Town property owners, obvious and massive excavation 10 stories deep into the mountainside, environmental  habitat destruction, environmental damage from building atop a centuries-old mining complex, potential contamination of our main water source, and towering buildings over 100 feet tall up the mountainside directly adjoining Old Town and extremely visible from Main Street. 

Treasure Hill will permanently alter the landscape and beauty of Park City. Our town will lose infinitely more in esthetics, beauty, nature, and quality of life than we could ever gain financially through property taxes from this project.  Treasure Hill also violates our city’s building codes and stated goals in numerous ways.  Hundreds of local citizens agree and are working with us to stop this project.
This project is still moving forward.  The people of our town are speaking up, but this fight is not nearly over.  Citizens of Park City, we must stay committed and continue to fight to protect the town we love, our home.
Thank you,

Kyra Parkhurst
John Stafsholt
Steve Swanson 
Brian Van Hecke
Rich Wyman


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