Pictures of the Treasure Model

Below are some pictures that I took of the new Treasure model.  Unfortunately it’s difficult to tell what’s what because they have not required the applicant to make the proposed Treasure buildings in a different color from the existing buildings.  Another thing that is not visible in these picutres are the huge  100+ foot excavations scars that will be visible from all over town.

I hope these help but I would still suggest that you stop by the Marsac building to see the model for yourself.




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3 responses to “Pictures of the Treasure Model

  1. Jeff and Carolyn Swenerton

    We own a condominium that looks directly at this development and will be greatly impacted. We are in total agreement with Stu Shaffer’s comments. This is not the project that was voted upon in the 80’s and it should not be allowed to expand. The area has changed over the years making the project less viable and if anything it should be abandoned or at least significantly downsized.

    Parking and traffic are already challenging in Old Town. No city would approve a huge project that only has two small residential roads leading to it. During the winter, at times there is barely one lane. The project should be required to find appropriate new roads and easements to provide a safe entry to the project. This, of course is not possible, but that is the developer’s problem.

  2. Nicholas Runza

    This is my first view of the treasure hill model. It is misleading in that all the building (including my house)are all white. Shouldnt it be shown to the same colors as it really is. Surly they didnt want to show it that way because it would stick out much more than it does like this. I have 2 small children and the thought of this possibly being developed makes me want to sell my home and find a safer location for my family. Im not fooled.– dont you be ither .. Lets keep Chicago where it belongs– NOT IN OLD TOWN!

  3. Viewers of the model of Treasure Hill on display at the Marsac Building will be fooled.

    1. A 3-D representation makes it seem like Treasure Hill is a “done deal” as portrayed. This isn’t the case.

    2. This is not a model of what was voted upon in the 80’s.

    3. The proposed development is massive, not miniature.

    4. Viewers look down on the miniature, while in reality people would look up at imposing buildings.

    5. A model seems passive while a real life Treasure Hill would bring noise and turmoil to a quiet neighborhood.

    6. The model does not portray traffic congestion.

    7. The model does not show parking problems the development will bring to Old Town.

    8. The model cannot show environmental disturbances caused by the project.

    9. Viewers may not notice that there are no considerations for emergency evacuation.

    10. The surrounding buildings represented in the model are inaccurate.

    11. The color of the structures in the model is misleading. Treasure Hill does not blend with Historic Old Town structures as portrayed in
    the model.

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