Treasure granted more time for more talks

City Hall and the Sweeney family agree to extend discussions until mid-March

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

City Hall and the Sweeney family on Thursday night agreed to extend the long-running discussions about a Treasure conservation deal until at least mid-March, giving the sides another three-plus months to attempt to craft an agreement.

The Park City Council unanimously approved an extension until March 19. There is the possibility of another extension at that point. Negotiating teams from City Hall and the family have thus far been unable to finalize a deal that could be brought to voters.

The two sides by March 19 want to agree to pursue one of the two conservation deals that are under consideration, effectively making that option the preferred alternative.

One of the two calls for City Hall to preserve the Treasure land in its entirety by purchasing the family’s development rights at the site outright. The other would reduce the scope of the Treasure project by 50 percent, perhaps through a combination of shifting part of the development rights elsewhere and City Hall buying some of the other rights in a conservation deal. The project would be redesigned under that option.

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