And the price tag on Treasure is . . . ?

Sweeney family submits to City Hall a dollar figure attached to a buyout

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

The Sweeney family late on Monday hand-delivered to City Hall its price tag on a complete buyout of the development rights attached to the Treasure acreage, one of the most significant occurrences in the long-running discussions about the project.

The Sweeney side closely guarded its number. Mike Sweeney, who represents his family in the talks with City Hall, declined to discuss details about the document that was submitted on Monday. He said he left it for City Manager Tom Bakaly. The number was crafted between the family and its New York-based business partner.

It was not clear on Tuesday what will unfold the rest of the week. Jonathan Weidenhamer, who directs City Hall’s economic development programs and has been involved in the Treasure negotiations, said a procedure for releasing the number to the public had not been decided. He said a press release could be issued announcing the figure, but a timeline has not been set.

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