Treasure sticker shock? mayor won’t say

The Sweeney side’s dollar figure could be made public early next week

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

City Hall through the end of the week guarded the price tag set by the Sweeney family and its partner for a full buyout of the development rights attached to the Treasure land, acknowledging the release could come shortly after a meeting between the sides scheduled on Monday.

The Sweeney side early this week delivered the price tag to City Hall. Park City officials have indicated the number would be made public, but it remains uncertain when it will be released.

Mayor Dana Williams, one of City Hall’s negotiators, said in an interview Thursday night a schedule for the release has not been finalized. He said the negotiating teams representing Treasure and City Hall plan to gather Monday morning to discuss the price tag. The mayor said the Monday meeting will be the first opportunity for the sides to discuss the figure together.

“The developer needs to hear from us what the Council and mayor’s opinion of the price was, before that is made public,” Williams said.

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