Majority of Parkites willing to pay higher taxes for Treasure buyout

Survey shows some would agree to pay $500 or more annually to preserve acreage

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Approximately seventy-three percent of Parkites who responded to a City Hall poll last summer, nearly three out of every four people, indicated they are willing to pay at least something additional in property taxes to finance a buyout of the Treasure partnership’s development rights.

The amount they are willing to pay, though, varies considerably. Moreover, approximately 28 percent of the people who were surveyed said they are not willing to pay more in property taxes, the largest percentage group of the eight answers from which the people chose. The 28 percent was 11 percentage points higher than any of the other answers.

The other choices were:

  • $500 or more per year, with 17 percent
  • $400 to $499 per year, with 5 percent
  • $300 to $399 per year, with 7 percent
  • $200 to $299 per year, with 5 percent
  • $100 to $199 per year, with 11 percent
  • $50 to $99 per year, with 13 percent
  • $1 to $49 per year, with 15 percent

The survey was conducted in July and involved 1,200 households selected at random. The response rate was 29 percent. The survey’s margin of error was plus or minus 5 percent.

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