Treasure opposition sees a ‘giant Emerald City’ above Old Town

Group disappointed the development has returned with same designs

Posted: 04/15/2016 04:03:31 PM MDT

The Treasure partnership has returned to City Hall.  The Treasure opposition also intends to return.

Treasure over the past decade became the most polarizing development proposal in Park City since the 1990s-era discussions about the project that was built as Empire Pass. After a hiatus that lasted upward of six years, the Treasure partnership recently indicated it wanted to re-engage the Park City Planning Commission with the project and has outlined a timeline toward a desired panel vote in September.

The partnership will return to the Planning Commission with the same project designs as the ones under consideration previously. There were concerns in the neighborhood and among some of the Planning Commissioners at the time about the proposal.

The Treasure opposition group quickly indicated it remains concerned with the project. The group, known as the Treasure Hill Impact Neighborhood Coalition, or THINC, has a core group of members who live close to the project site and has long said people from outside the neighborhood are also involved. The group formed during the earlier round of discussions about Treasure, attending meetings and operating a website. There was little public activity by the group during the lengthy hiatus in the Treasure talks.

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