Treasure Mountain: Pros & Cons

The controversial Treasure Mountain Project is back on Park City’s Planning Commission agenda after a nearly six year hiatus.   Pat Sweeney, one of the three brothers who own half the development, says the project hit every target Park City Council set for the development, and “not just the target, but the bullseye.”   He says the project will be 150,000 sq ft of development above ground on a five million sq ft property, so there will be plenty of “honest to goodness” open space on the land above Old Town.   However, Brian Van Hecke, with the opposition group THINC Park City, says the “huge, massive” development will significantly change the look and feel of historic Old Town Park City forever.  Both men recently appeared on The Local News Hour with Leslie Thatcher.  You can hear their interviews below:

Treasure Mountain website, click here.

THINC Park City website, click here.


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