Park City and Treasure developers outline wildly different timelines

City Hall says talks could last a year-plus, partnerships wants faster process

Park City officials on Thursday outlined a prospective timeline for the discussions regarding the proposed Treasure development that, at its lengthiest, would stretch for more than a year.

It is a schedule that would extend the Park City Planning Commission talks far longer than the Treasure side desires. The developers in early April, in requesting that the long-dormant talks begin again, offered a proposal for a wildly different timeline that would have started last week and ended with a vote in the fall. Instead, it appears, the discussions will not begin again until June and possibly last well into 2017.

Bruce Erickson, the planning director at City Hall, said he anticipates the Planning Commission will address Treasure at between seven and 15 meetings, at a rate of one meeting per month. The talks are targeted to restart at a meeting on June 8.

The Treasure proposal involves upward of 1 million square feet of development on a hillside overlooking Old Town close to the route of the Town Lift. The Sweeney family, which is the historic owner of the property, secured development rights in the 1980s for the Treasure acreage and nearby parcels of land. The Treasure land is now under the ownership of the Sweeney family and a business partner.

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