On record against Treasure, now on the Planning Commission

9th St. Turnaround

Two panel members criticized the project years before appointments

Treasure by early in 2009 had already become the most disputed development idea in Park City since the hard-fought approval of what would be built as Empire Pass a decade earlier.

The Treasure proposal by then had spurred an opposition movement and drawn large crowds to Park City Planning Commission meetings, primarily in opposition, with little apparent progress toward a compromise, or a vote. The proposal, upward of 1 million square feet of development on a highly visible hillside overlooking Old Town on the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort, left some unhappy enough to submit letters to City Hall detailing their displeasure.

Two letters submitted in January of 2009 and forwarded to the Planning Commission in anticipation of a meeting about the development the next month are of special note as the Treasure partnership prepares to return to the panel after a hiatus that has stretched since 2010.

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