Treasure developers ‘deeply troubled’ with direction of talks

The Treasure partnership late last week expressed worries that the current roster of the Park City Planning Commission is essentially ignoring the decade-plus of discussions about the disputed project that occurred with previous lineups of the panel, arguing that directions given at earlier meetings remain relevant even though there are new figures involved nowadays.

The partnership broached the topic in a memo submitted to City Hall in anticipation of a Planning Commission meeting about Treasure scheduled on Wednesday. The memo covers a range of planning-related topics, but the statement centered on the relevancy of the previous discussions is especially notable. The Treasure side has been in talks with the Planning Commission since 2004 with various stops and restarts in the talks.

There has been significant turnover in the Planning Commission over the past 12 years. Adam Strachan is the only member of the Planning Commission who was on the roster in 2010, when one of the rounds of Treasure talks broke down. They were not restarted again until last summer. The Treasure partnership – consisting of the Sweeney family and an investor called Park City II, LLC – re-engaged the Planning Commission with a largely similar project design in the summer.

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Treasure developers ‘deeply troubled’ with direction of talks


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