Park City readies for the inevitable: a forced Treasure vote

(Tanzi Propst/Park Record)

The Park City Planning Commission on Wednesday addressed what appears to be the inevitable scenario of the Treasure partnership in coming weeks formally requesting a vote on the controversial development proposal, a move that would force the panel into an action regardless of whether members are ready for one.
State law allows a developer to trigger a 45-day period in which a planning commission must render a decision on an application. It is a rarely used section of the law that longtime observers of Park City planning and zoning issues say has not been invoked in a matter before City Hall in decades, at least.
The Planning Commission indicated it is aware of the prospects of the Treasure side making a request shortly and wants to prepare for the possibility. The panel at a meeting about Treasure on Wednesday talked about options, but it did not make decisions regarding how it would operate during a 45-day window that would culminate with a momentous vote.

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