Park City questions Treasure refinements, disconcerting developer

untitled1The Park City Planning Department has published a list of refinements to Treasure crafted by the development partnership in recent months, a diverse set of changes that were presented as the partnership attempts to win support for the proposal during what are expected to be the final months of discussions after more than a decade of talks.

The Planning Department detailed the refinements in a report issued in anticipation of a meeting about Treasure scheduled on Wednesday. The Park City Planning Commission appears to be preparing to cast a vote on Treasure later in 2017. The list of refinements seems to be an important step by the developer at a time when the Planning Commission continues to have deep-rooted concerns about the project. The list covers nearly three pages and addresses refinements between the current plans and a 2009 version.

The list provides a building-by-building rundown of the refinements. Treasure is designed to appear as if it is a collection of separate buildings. They will be connected with an underground garage, however.

 The report involves more than 50 changes to the project details. Some of the refinements include:
  • Converting one of the buildings to flats rather than the townhouses that had been planned. The building was also shifted to the west.
  • Eliminating a building for a pool and shifting the activities that were planned inside to another space in Treasure.
  • Eliminating a circular ramp that was designed to access a parking garage.
  • Adding a penthouse unit to a building, requiring another story.
  • Eliminating a story from a building.
  • Adding several stories at one location of a building, which changes the mass.
  • Eliminating one story from the west wing of a building and adding a partial story to the building’s east wing.

The refinements were made to a 2009 version of Treasure that has largely been the basis for the talks since then. The 2009 version itself was a more detailed rendition of an earlier plan.

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