Park City Treasure opponent envisions a ‘living hell’ 

untitled.pngThe Treasure partnership on Wednesday continued to encounter deep-rooted opposition to the hillside project in front of a crowd worried about issues ranging from the anticipated excavation to the skiing plans.

The Park City Planning Commission held another meeting about Treasure as it appears the panel is preparing to render a decision after more than a decade of on-and-off talks about the project. The discussion on Wednesday again showed the Planning Commission and Treasure critics remain skeptical of the blueprints.

The meeting on Wednesday continued a series of especially difficult talks in recent months as the sides are attempting to address the broad list of issues that remain unresolved.

The plan for the Treasure construction was one of the notable topics discussed on Wednesday. The sides dealt with the anticipated excavation of the Treasure site that would be needed at the outset of the work. People who live nearby are worried the excavation would disrupt the neighborhood as crews blast the hillside with explosives.

The Treasure side said 600 days of work would be required to excavate the site and move the dirt that is taken out of the ground. The developers said explosives would be used for the excavation. The blasts, though, would be controlled, the Treasure side said, adding that using explosives in an excavation provides benefits like creating less dust and noise than other methods of moving the dirt and rocks. Treasure figures also said water trucks would spray the worksite to control dust.

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